Gang Aplication [ The Saints ]

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Gang Aplication [ The Saints ]

Post by Tyberion on Sun Mar 18, 2012 8:56 am

Intro: Hello , i would like to create a new gang with the main colour yellow in montogomery and rival with the others gangs/familys. We will compete for territories , money , respect with the others.
I would like the "Family HQ for Sale " from blueberry HQ to be moved in montogomery , because i like very much this city , he is positioned much better on map and we have lot of space operate.

Quicly Info :
Gang name : The Saints
Gang main colour: Yellow
Vehicles: 1 Washington (ID 421) , 1 Stallion (ID 439) and 2 PCJ-600 (ID 461) - all of them yellow ( color id 6 )
Skins Ids: 249 , 293 , 292 , 108 , 109 , 110 , 20.[/color][/center]

The Saints , have no history this is the begining .

Because i just registered i can't post any photos , or links or something similar , i need to wait 7 days. i can show you the location where i want it to be in game. Please accept my aplication and i give you all the details in the game.


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